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March 6, 2020

Are you looking to live healthier year-round? There is no better place to start than right in your own home. Breathing clean air in a comfortable living space lays the foundation for healthier living, and the air you breathe indoors could actually be much worse than the air outside (indoor air contains two to five times more pollutants than outdoor air).

Increasing the indoor air quality of your home is essential to healthy living here in Massachusetts, and our goal as an energy assessment company is to give you the tools you need to accomplish that goal this year. Here is what you should know about the quality of the air you breathe.

Symptoms of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Some of the symptoms that can be caused by poor indoor air quality may mimic things like seasonal allergies, or may exacerbate existing symptoms. But as you think back to 2019 in your house, did you experience any of the following symptoms that seem to be worse when you are at home?

● Dry, itchy eyes

● Postnasal drip and sneezing

● Throat irritation and cough

● Frequent headaches

● Dizziness

● Fatigue

If you have, it could be caused by a high number of contaminants, pollutants, and other particles that have entered your home through your heating and cooling system or cracks in your windows, doors, attic, and crawlspace, and are continuing to circulate your breathing air. These harmful contaminants can include:

● Asbestos

● Pet dander, mold and pollen

● Carbon monoxide

● Lead

● Pesticides

● Radon

● Secondhand smoke

● Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

So how can you increase your indoor air quality for a healthier 2020? It all starts with a no-cost home energy assessment.


Custom Results Mean Custom Solutions

No two homes are exactly alike, so finding a healthy living solution for your home will require a better understanding of your home performance. This is where a home energy assessment comes in — and the best part is that it is at no cost to you through the Mass Save Program!

With each Mass Save energy audit (which we call our home energy assessment), one of our Mass Energy Experts will diagnose the overall performance of your home using the best equipment available and outline a path to healthier indoor air quality, as well as energy savings and increased comfort. Some of the home performance upgrades we often recommend include:

Air Sealing

You may not be able to see them, but you are feeling and breathing the tiny holes and cracks that exist in your home’s construction. The changes in air pressure between your indoor living space and the outdoors will force the contaminants and allergens outside into your breathing air. These particles then recirculate in your heating and cooling system, where you are breathing them in and out, again and again. By air sealing the attic and the rest of your home using a spray foam insulation material, our team can permanently plug these holes and cracks from top to bottom.


The insulation in your home should keep your home isolated from the unpredictable outdoor temperatures. Insulation accomplishes this by slowing down the transfer of heat between vulnerable areas of your home’s construction. Attic insulation, wall insulation, and basement or crawlspace insulation all work together to stabilize indoor temperatures, and reliably keep you comfortable.

Outdated or insufficient insulation can lead to more indoor drafts and ventilation issues, which can make indoor air quality issues worse. We specialize in professionally installing the right insulation material for your home, so you can keep your indoor temperatures as stable as possible. 

Save on the Cost of Living Healthier This Year

Not only is our no-cost home energy assessment a complimentary service, but we can also help you qualify and submit for the lucrative savings of the Mass Save Program, while connecting you with the best home performance professionals in your area to complete your healthy home. 

Did you know you could save 75% to 90% on your insulation upgrades? Or that if we discover in our non-cost energy assessment that your home could benefit from air sealing we would provide this service for free as part of the Mass Save program? Or that you can save big on your heating and cooling equipment, or lighting and appliance upgrades? 

Looking for an insulation contractor near you? Wondering how long an energy audit is, or what air sealing a house costs? We aren’t just an energy assessment company, we are also an air sealing contractor and an insulation contractor — and if your home is in need of additional energy efficiency services we will help make that process as smooth as possible. Mass Energy Experts truly is your one-stop-shop for living healthier this year, while saving you energy and money.

If you and your family are looking to live in a healthier home, schedule a no-cost home energy assessment today! Call Mass Energy Experts at 781-566-3155, or get in touch here.