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October 23, 2020

It has been an odd, scary, and confusing summer here in Massachusetts, as well as the rest of the world, and many homeowners are still looking toward the future with hope. Hope that they will be able to keep their family members safe, healthy, and comfortable in their homes, without spending a fortune on their upcoming heating bills this winter! 

With spending more time at home this year and likely the foreseeable future, many Massachusetts homeowners are turning their attention to get started on those long overdue home improvement projects. If you are hoping to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home while taking advantage of the available home improvement rebates from the State Program, then this fall is the time to schedule your virtual no cost home energy assessment with Mass Energy Experts! 

How to Benefit from a No Cost Energy Assessment

What is it that makes a No Cost Energy Assessment so important at the beginning of your home improvement project? Our assessment provides up to date, accurate information about how your home is performing, increasing the effectiveness of every aspect of your project. Here are a few of the benefits your assessment will be aimed at providing:

Increased Indoor Air Quality

The health of the air we breathe has taken center stage this year. During your assessment, your Mass Energy Expert will locate all of the air leakage present in your home, and seal up those holes with a complimentary air sealing service, if we identify your home could benefit from weatherization. This reduces outside air infiltration, which also reduces the number of outside contaminants that make their way into your home. 

Your Mass Energy Expert will also be able to pinpoint any areas where your insulation is lacking, and where an insulation upgrade may help stabilize your indoor temperatures. This is particularly useful in bringing your indoor drafts to a halt.  After completing your home energy assessment, you could save up to 75% off your insulation upgrade through the Energy Save rebate program. 

Lower Heating Costs

Both air sealing and insulation can save you energy and money as the New England winter arrives. Both of these upgrades prevent heat from transferring into or out of your home, which works in two different ways depending on the season. In the summer, insulation prevents the summer heat from invading your indoor temperatures through the attic and exterior walls. In the winter, insulation keeps the warm air from your furnace, boiler, or heat pump from escaping outside through those same areas.

Rebate Savings

As with all of the upgrades that we end up recommending with your home energy assessment, we will be the contractor that handles all of your Energy Save rebate savings, like the insulation upgrade, and we will be the main point of contact for your entire home improvement project. We will ensure the work on your home is done to your liking, and that you save the maximum from Energy saving rebates.

Ready for Your Energy Save Home Energy Assessment?

If you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to schedule your Energy Save energy assessment, the time is now. Fall is here, which means winter is less than a season away. By getting started now, you are ensuring you don’t spend a single winter’s day in an uncomfortable home! Wondering what to expect from an energy audit, or why these assessments are offered at zero cost to you? Mass Energy Experts is standing by with answers.

Have you added a Virtual Home Energy Assessment to your fall to-do list yet? Schedule your no cost assessment, and see how much you can save. Call Mass Energy Experts at (617) 933-9094 or contact us.