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December 6, 2019

If you have already learned how a no cost energy assessment will save you on your energy bills, and you have a good idea of what will happen during your home energy assessment, you are probably curious about what to do next. 

Our goal here at Mass Energy Experts isn’t only to analyze and measure the state of your home’s performance — that is just the first step. Our team is dedicated to helping you through your home improvement process, so you can make the home performance upgrades you need to gain the maximum energy savings for the future. Plus, we want to help make those upgrades as affordable as possible through the rebates offered by Energy Save! Here is what you can expect once your Free home energy assessment is complete. 

Your Personalized Energy Action Plan

Each home is unique, even if the floorplan is exactly the same. This is why a personalized energy action plan is required for each home energy assessment (also known as an energy audit). Your personalized energy action plan will outline the unique results of your assessment, as well as the recommended home performance upgrades that will best tackle the challenges your Eastern Massachusetts home faces each year. These recommendations will help with weatherization, heating and cooling, and the overall energy efficiency of your home. 

With each personalized energy action plan, we will also outline the savings you will see on the cost of your home upgrades with Energy saving rebates, and our team will help you qualify for those rebates seamlessly! Upgrades we often recommend include:

Insulation & Air Sealing

The insulation in your house plays an underrated role in your overall comfort and home efficiency, as it slows the transfer of heat between the exterior of your home and your living space. Because there is so little awareness around the benefits of insulation, it often goes neglected. Similarly, few homeowners think about the tiny holes and cracks in their home’s construction that allow unconditioned and contaminated air to infiltrate their breathing air. 

Both insulation and air sealing qualify for savings of 75% through Energy Save, and our team conveniently offers both services in-house, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of contacting another home performance contractor. 

Heating & Cooling Upgrades

Energy Save also offers rebates on heating and cooling equipment, ranging from $100 to upwards of $2,750, including the installation of versatile and efficient heat pumps and mini-splits. Through our partnership with the HVAC installation professionals and Energy Save Contractors over at NETR, Inc., the Mass Energy Experts team can pair you with the right heating and cooling upgrades with minimal effort and maximum savings. 

Solar Panel Installation

Of course, our goal is to make your home as energy-efficient and carbon-footprint-neutral as possible, while saving you money on the home performance upgrades required to get you there. But if you are looking to further reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs by installing a system of solar panels on your roof or property, we can help you there too! 

After you have received your personalized energy action plan, we can also connect you with the number one Massachusetts based solar installer at Boston Solar. These solar energy experts are well versed in the Mass Energy Experts process, and can take the lead on your journey to solar once your home performance upgrades are complete!

Your No Cost Home Energy Assessment Awaits!

Mass Energy Experts is your weatherization and energy efficiency advocate from beginning to end. You can trust our team to provide accurate assessment results, present our findings in a way you and your family can understand, and to help facilitate the process of installing the home improvement upgrades you need from other Energy Save contractors here in Woburn, Waltham, Lowell, and all the way to Williamsburg. 

Looking for a teammate to help you increase the comfort and efficiency of your home, while saving you the maximum using Energy saving rebates and incentives? Schedule your no cost home energy assessment today by calling (617) 933-9094, or you can contact us today.