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What does a “no cost” energy assessment really mean?

When we say no cost, we mean it.


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September 27, 2019

If you’ve ever heard the saying “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” you may be skeptical about our offer of a no cost energy assessment (also often called an energy audit). We can’t blame you for wanting to read the fine print as you look for ways to make your home more energy efficient (and comfortable). At Mass Energy Experts, we do things a little differently than your typical home performance professional. We actually do perform in-depth home energy assessments, at absolutely no cost to you. Why? Because we are an authorized Mass Save energy assessment contractor! Here is how it works.

Step One: Schedule an Assessment at Your Convenience

You can start your journey to energy efficiency by scheduling your energy assessment at a time that works best for you. All we’ll need from you is your contact information and the address we should show up at! We ask that you allow a full 180 minutes for our assessor to properly assess your home — this gives us the time to do the job right the first time!

Step Two: Your Home Energy Assessment

Your assessor will arrive in one of our Mass Energy Experts hybrid cars (we never miss an opportunity to help the environment!) and begin your assessment. This will include a series of tests and inspections using specialized tools that will paint a detailed picture of your home’s overall performance. These tests include:

  • Infrared camera imaging

  • Attic and crawlspace inspection

  • Combustion safety analysis

  • Assessing the home for air leakage

Step Three: Analyze Your Results

Once your assessment is complete, we will compile the results in a detailed report. This report will be customized to your home and will include a wealth of valuable information regarding your home performance. Your home energy assessment report will show where your home is losing the most energy and why.

For instance, you may be losing the most heat during the winter through the holes, gaps, and cracks in your attic and ceiling. Or it could be a lack of insulation that is allowing all the heat from your furnace to escape through the roof, melting snow and causing ice dams. Your Mass Energy Experts assessor will walk you through your results and make personalized recommendations for home upgrades that will have the greatest impact on your home performance and comfort.

Step Four: Enjoy the Freebies

With every Mass Save energy audit, there are also a few energy saving upgrades we will install at no cost to you, if needed. Things like LED light bulb replacement, higher efficiency water fixtures like low-flow showerheads and faucets, advanced power strips and programmable, reduced costs NEST E thermostats.

Step Five: You Lead the Way!

Once you have your results, the rest of the story is up to you. As an authorized Mass Save home energy services partner, we can help you schedule and qualify for the maximum amount of Mass Save rebates for home performance upgrades after your energy assessment. Our streamlined process includes taking detailed photos throughout the entire process, ensuring the accuracy of your results by tracking your assessment digitally. This allows us to show you more robust results and to submit your report for any qualifying Mass Save rebates with ease. 

The savings that Mass Save offers cover all major home energy and comfort upgrades, including: 

  1. Weatherization (insulation and air sealing)

  2. Heating and cooling

  3. Lighting and appliances

  4. Building and renovating a home 

Mass Energy Experts Is with You the Whole Way

We do more than perform energy audits, so if you stick with us and our partners for home upgrades, your assessor will be your point of contact throughout the rest of your home upgrade or renovation project. We will be with you every step of the way, to advocate for you and make sure you understand the process. Our only goal is to help you accomplish the energy goals you have for your Massachusetts home!

Looking to take advantage of the savings that the Mass Save program has to offer? It all starts with a no cost home energy assessment. Schedule yours today with Mass Energy Experts, or give us a call at [custom:phone-number].