March 24, 2020

Have you ever tried to get comfortable and relax after a long day here in New England, and wondered why you kept having to walk over to the thermostat to turn up or down the temperature? Or maybe as you moved from one room to the next, you noticed the temperatures were inconsistent, and you were feeling a draft in certain areas of your home.

 Homeowners may already be familiar with insulation, and how properly insulating a home can solve many of the common home performance and comfortability issues plaguing the old and new homes alike throughout towns like Woburn, Waltham, Lowell, and the rest of Eastern Mass. What many do not realize is that insulation without proper air sealing is not likely to make as much of a difference in your overall home comfort, or your energy costs!

Take a look at the graphic below that illustrates the differences between these two key upgrades:

air sealing and insulation infographic mass energy experts

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How Insulation and Air Sealing Work, Separately

The insulation within your existing walls, in the attic, and under your feet in your crawlspace or basement stabilize indoor temperatures by slowing down heat flow into and out of your home. This heat flow can happen between the materials your home is made of. During the winter, insulation will prevent the heat from your furnace from escaping out into the open air, and in the summer it prevents the blistering summer temperatures from infiltrating your nice and cool living space. 

Air sealing, on the other hand, is the process of closing up the air leaks that are hidden throughout your home. This is to reduce air movement into and out of your home, like in the cracks of a window or door frame, in the recessed lighting that is in your ceiling, or even in the tiny gaps in your attic access hatch. The less leaky your home is, the more control you can have over your indoor temperatures (and even the quality of the air you are breathing in your home).

How Insulation and Air Sealing Work, Together

Sure, there are some benefits to these home performance upgrades, individually. However, if you were to upgrade the insulation in your home without a proper air seal, all that heat that your insulation is trying to keep in one place (inside or outside, depending on the season) will just slip right on past that insulation and through the existing air leakage. And vice-versa, if you were to seal up the leaks without proper insulation, that heat will try and plow its way through your roof, attic, walls, and basement!

By combining these two essential upgrades, you can experience:

  • Stable indoor temperatures

  • Less reliance on your HVAC equipment

  • Reduced heating and cooling costs

  • Less noise pollution due to increased soundproofing

Save 75% on Insulation and Get Complimentary Air Sealing!

Our home energy assessment will help you determine if you need air sealing in the attic, basement, or throughout the rest of your home, as well as identify the key areas where your insulation is lacking. Then, thanks to the State Program, we will provide a Free air sealing service to get you started if your home would benefit from it! No need to search for other air sealing Massachusetts contractors. Our team will also pair you with the right contractors to complete your insulation project, and show you what kind of savings you qualify for from the State Program — up to 75% off!  

If you are looking for the best insulation and air sealing contractors in your area to improve your home’s overall comfort and efficiency, Mass Energy Experts is here to help. We are your ally from beginning to end. 

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Insulation and air sealing should go hand-in-hand!

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