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March 31, 2020

Up in the attic or down in the crawlspace or basement aren’t the only places that the insulation in your home lives. Between the studs and drywall of your interior and exterior walls lies more of that fluffy stuff, aimed at keeping your indoor temperatures as stable as possible. However, over time the insulation in your existing interior walls can deteriorate, settle, or become damaged, which can cause indoor drafts, inconsistent temperatures, and unexpectedly high energy bills.

So how can you diagnose your own insulation issues, and how can you install new insulation in the existing walls of your Eastern Massachusetts home? The answer to both questions lies in a Energy Save Energy Audit from Mass Energy Experts!

Existing Interior Wall Insulation: Going to “Batt” for Your Home Comfort

The most common material used for attic insulation (and existing wall insulation) is fiberglass batt insulation. You’ve probably seen this before when you walked into the attic to get your holiday decorations, or at a construction site in your neighborhood. This fluffy pink stuff usually comes in rolls and is inserted between the panels of your walls or ceiling. 

Fiberglass batt insulation is installed during the construction process before the final drywall is installed. So, you may be curious how an insulation contractor could install additional or replacement insulation in an existing wall. The solution is loose fill insulation.

With loose fill materials like cellulose insulation (though fiberglass insulation comes in loose fill as well), a small hole is cut into the exterior siding. This is usually done in a place of easy access that can later be hidden and patched up inconspicuously. Then, the loose fill insulation is blown-in using a hose, and measured to match the optimal density of your home’s customized energy and comfort needs.

Knowing When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Insulation

As some of the insulation in your home is hidden behind your walls, it can be tough to know when that insulation is failing to keep you and your family comfortable. This is where Mass Energy Experts comes in with the No Cost Home Energy Assessment

Using specialized home performance diagnostic technology like infrared imaging, we can locate the exact areas where your home is lacking proper insulation, and recommend the right insulation material to meet your needs (like cellulose insulation in your walls, up in the attic and down in the crawlspace). 

Thanks to the State Program, this assessment is provided at zero cost to you, and will give you all the information you need to take the next step in your insulation (and other home performance) upgrades. 

Save 75% When You Upgrade Your Insulation

Using the results from your assessment, your Mass Energy Expert will develop a customized plan for the home improvement upgrades you need to stay more comfortable throughout all four New England seasons, as well as increase the savings on your utilities and your energy efficiency. If you decide to move forward with the insulation upgrades outlined in your assessment results, the State Program offers at least a 75% savings on your insulation upgrade.

Need An Insulation Contractor? We Do That Too.

Not only are we a Energy Save Home Energy Assessment Contractor, but we are also a Energy Save insulation contractor! So, if you have been on the hunt for an insulation contractor near you, Mass Energy Experts can take care of your next home improvement project from start to finish. 

If any other contractors are required to complete the upgrades from the results of your assessment, Mass Energy Experts will remain your single point of contact for every aspect of your project. We are your full-service ally when it comes to managing and completing your next home improvement project!

Ready to take strides in the energy efficiency and comfort of your home? Take the first step, at zero cost to you! Schedule a No Cost Home Energy Assessment by calling (617) 933-9094 or contacting us.