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April 6, 2021

We are lucky to get all four seasons here in Massachusetts (even if winter is always a real doozy). However, each season can affect your health differently, and those with seasonal allergies are often sent looking for an indoor reprieve from symptoms such as:

  • Stuffy or congested sinuses

  • Coughing, wheezing, or sneezing

  • Headache

  • Fatigue

  • Dry skin, eyes, and throat

Here is what you need to know about how seasonal allergies can affect your indoor living environment, and how you can reduce the effect of seasonal allergies in your home using the home performance upgrades that qualify for rebates from the State Program

Seasonal Allergies Inside Your Home

When thinking of seasonal allergies, most Massachusetts homeowners will likely think about blooming flowers, yellow pollen residue, and other horticultural triggers. These primarily exist outside the home, so wouldn’t it make sense to seek shelter indoors, away from those allergy triggers?

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of contaminants that originate inside your home and can affect your indoor air quality (IAQ). These include contaminants like pet dander, dust mites, chemicals from household cleaners, and even harmful gasses called VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that arise from certain materials inside your home, like drywall, carpet, furniture, and more. These can also trigger respiratory symptoms and allergic reactions.

Plus, many homeowners overlook the fact that there are often issues with the airtight seal of their home that are allowing outside contaminants to enter their home. These particles often enter a home through tiny cracks or holes and then recirculate the breathing air of a house over and over again.

Long story short: You can still experience seasonal allergies inside your home, all year round. 

How To Increase Your IAQ

The way we increase IAQ here at Mass Energy Experts is by testing the entire home from top to bottom (this is called a Home Energy Assessment, which we offer safely and virtually), looking for areas where we can improve the overall performance of the home. Then, once your Mass Energy Expert is done, they will walk you through how you can cash in on up to 75% savings on upgrades like insulation, air sealing, and more. 

Here are the most common home improvements that help Massachusetts homeowners enjoy healthier IAQ, and how much you can expect to save through the rebates from the State Program:

Air Sealing 

This IAQ-improving upgrade is a complimentary service provided if it is discovered as an issue during your Home Energy Assessment. Air sealing is the process of locating and sealing up any of the holes, gaps, or air leaks that are present in your home. At Mass Energy Experts, we do this using three primary tools: 

  1. Infrared imaging (not on virtual home assessments)

  2. Expanding spray foam

  3. Our extensive building science knowledge

Using infrared thermal cameras, we can locate areas where outside air may be infiltrating your home. We then use our experience in home performance and building science to pinpoint those holes and cracks and fill them using an expanding spray foam material.

Short story even shorter: Get a Free air sealing service (if needed) with your home energy assessment!

Insulation Upgrades

Simply put, the better insulated your home is, the more control you will have over the temperature in your home, and the less energy (heat) your home will lose. Plus, proper insulation can increase the overall effectiveness of the air seal in your home!

Mass Energy Experts assess insulation in key areas, like the attic, basement or crawl space, and exterior walls. Once we have determined the correct insulation solution for your home, we will give you a breakdown of the savings you qualify for from Energy Save, which can be as high as 75% off your ensuing insulation upgrades.

Short story even shorter: Save up to 75% off your insulation upgrades with Mass Energy Experts and Energy Save!

Stop Your Sniffling at Home—Schedule an Assessment!

The first step toward making the air in your home healthier is to schedule a Free home energy assessment with Mass Energy Experts. Our team will get you on the right track toward living in a more comfortable, healthier, and more efficient home while helping you qualify for as many of the Energy saving rebates as possible. Ask us how we can help you breathe a little easier in your Massachusetts home!

Think all of your seasonal allergy triggers are outside? Think again! Improve the air quality in your home by scheduling a Free assessment today. Call (617) 933-9094 or contact us!