Man explaining home energy assessment results to homeowners
October 8, 2021

If you've lived in Massachusetts for a while, you're already familiar with our harsh winters: snow, sleet, below-freezing temperatures—and growing energy expenses. You've got better things to spend your money on than a hefty heating bill as the holidays approach! It is now or never to address your home's energy waste. It's time to schedule an energy assessment for your home.

Getting an audit will help you save money on energy costs in your house, just in time to spend it on Christmas presents instead. Check out these six compelling reasons to schedule a home energy audit with Mass Energy Experts right now.

1. It is costless

The first reason is self-evident: a home energy audit could have a significant influence on your house's energy usage—and the audit is free!
Every Massachusetts household pays for home energy audits through a monthly levy on their utility bill. This has two major implications for you:

  • Your energy audit is already paid for. Whether you get an audit or not, the money comes out of your power bill every month, so why not take advantage of the service you're paying for?
  • You won't have to pay anything up front for the audit. When you schedule a home energy audit with Energy Monster, you'll see immediate savings without having to pay anything!

2. Savings on Energy Right Away

A home energy audit is more than just a checkup; it's an investment in your house's future, and Mass Energy Experts wants to help you get started.
You will receive no-cost energy-saving items, such as smart power strips, LED light bulbs to replace obsolete bulbs, and water-saving measures, as part of your home energy evaluation. These bonuses are included in your audit, so you won't have to pay for them.

That implies that even if you don't do anything else to reduce your home's energy consumption, you'll be moving in the right way. These steps will enable you to begin saving energy (and money) right now.

3. Your Home Energy Report Can Help You Save Even More

The fun doesn't end after you've completed your examination. In fact, the purpose of your evaluation is to identify areas of wasted energy in your home so you can determine whether or not to have more work done.

Following your audit, you'll receive a full home energy report that outlines the next measures you can take to cut down on your energy waste. Although each property is unique, your assessment may include recommendations for energy-saving measures such as air sealing, insulation upgrades, or appliance upgrades.

It's up to you what you do with your report once you've completed your energy evaluation. You may choose to ignore all of the suggestions or to implement one or two that will have the most impact. Whatever you decide, Mass Energy Experts is here to assist you.

4. Certified Contractors and Committed Customer Service

Any further work you desire to have done after your energy audit will be discussed between you and a contractor. What's the good news? If you hire Mass Energy Experts to conduct your home energy audit, you've already discovered a company that employs licensed contractors who can assist you with the next steps. We can assist you with completing extra tasks so that you can begin saving energy as soon as feasible.

You may save time and effort by using a professional service instead of trying to obtain all of this information on your own. Although the process is less informative and more expensive, if you aren't willing to sit down and comb through every bill (or haven't maintained copies of every one), this is definitely the best option.

A professional energy auditor will examine several elements of your energy consumption and find important outliers, just like you would in your own audit.

We are very enthusiastic about conserving energy and assisting our clients in doing so. When you engage with Mass Energy Experts, you're working with a professional customer support team that cares about your success!

5. Incentives and rebates

More than only energy audits are offered by Mass Energy Experts. We exists to assist Massachusetts households in saving money on energy bills, and there are many methods to do so—so the program gives rebates and incentives to encourage homeowners to make improvements to their houses.An energy auditor can determine where your home is wasting the most energy and provide recommendations for modifications to help save energy and lower your electricity bills. You can take steps to remedy the issue when a home energy inspector determines where your home requires energy upgrades. Cleaning your air ducts, altering appliance settings, replacing kitchen equipment to energy-rated ones, or changing your shower head to use less hot water may all be revealed by an audit.

This implies that even if you opt to make a normally costly energy upgrade, Mass Save can help you save money. What's the best part? Mass Energy Experts has a lot of experience with the Massachusetts program. We can assist you in locating incentives that you are eligible for, and we can even handle the paperwork for you.

With these incentives helping cover the cost, you can make energy-efficient upgrades without spending all that hard-earned Christmas money—and you'll start seeing an impact on those winter utility bills!

Book a Home Energy Audit with us!

Mass Energy Experts is dedicated to assisting our customers in reducing their energy consumption, and we'd want to assist you in lowering your monthly energy bills! Avoid another winter of exorbitant energy bills by scheduling a home energy audit with Mass Energy Experts today.