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December 30, 2020

With a new year upon us after a LONG year spent inside, homeowners throughout Massachusetts are looking for ways to increase the comfort and efficiency of the homes they have been spending so much time in. 

Through the Energy Save energy audit that is called the Home Energy Assessment, homeowners from New Bedford to Salisbury are learning about the many reasons to start their home improvement project with us, like Pat S., who left us the following review:

“I had a virtual assessment with Geoff [Mass Energy Experts] today and he was great to work with. In a very timely manner we went through all the options for insulation work I can have done at my house and he was able to get me a time to have the work done very soon. Good experience. Excited to have the work completed this week!.” —Pat S.

Here are the seven reasons you’re going to want to schedule a Virtual Home Energy Assessment in 2021. 

1. The Mass Energy Experts Home Energy Assessment Is Safe

Everyone has had to make adjustments as the global pandemic disrupted our daily routines. For the Mass Energy Experts team, we began offering virtual home energy assessments. We can assure you, this virtual alternative is still effective at diagnosing your home comfort and efficiency problems:

“Due to covid the assessment is virtual - by photos and phone conversation. It was very efficient and the assessor quickly identified the home energy improvement items and booked the appointment for the insulation project. The staff showed up on time and did thorough and good quality work. Very responsive. Working place was neat. We are very impressed. Highly recommended.” —5 Star Google Review

2. Receive Energy Saving Products with the Assessment

Thanks to the State Program, you can actually start reducing your energy use during your Home Energy Assessment! We will (safely) replace your light bulbs with LEDs, install energy saving power strips, showerheads and smart thermostats, and more before your assessment is complete. For customers taking part in a Virtual Home Energy Assessment, these energy saving products will be shipped directly to you at no additional cost!

3. Get Up to 75% Off Insulation, with Free Air Sealing

In addition to getting some free energy saving goodies, if we discover air leaks, you will also receive complimentary air sealing services to reduce energy loss through the holes and cracks in your home, and your insulation upgrades may qualify for savings up to 75%. How? Through the State Program!

4. Access to All Energy saving rebates

When you are looking to take advantage of the multiple ways to save through the State Program, you will need an authorized home energy expert contractor to perform an approved Energy Save energy assessment. Because Mass Energy Experts is an authorized home energy expert, your assessment is the first step in qualifying for Energy saving rebates. For every step after that, we will be your single point of contact through the entire process!

5. You’ll Save Energy (and Money)

The reason the State Program even exists is to reduce the energy usage and carbon footprint of Massachusetts homeowners just like you. This is good for the environment, and good for the electrical grid—but it is also good for your wallet.

6. Your Home Will Be More Comfortable and Healthier

Through your complimentary air sealing and discounted insulation alone, the air in your home will be less contaminated by outside pollutants. This means a home that is more comfortable and more healthy, which is becoming more and more important for those that work remotely or teach their children from home.

7. The Home Energy Assessment is Free

If none of the last six reasons were enough to inspire you to schedule your assessment today, then what else do you have to lose? This assessment comes at absolutely no cost to you. You won’t be paying a service fee to us at any point during this assessment in order to receive your results.  For more on how home energy assessments can be at no cost, we explain how it works here.

The Virtual Home Energy Assessment provides valuable insights that you can use to improve the overall comfort and energy efficiency of your home, even beyond the complimentary energy saving measures, air sealing, and insulation upgrades, and we will make sure you are in the driver’s seat the whole way through!

Looking for an energy assessment near you? This Free virtual home energy assessment will save you more! Call Mass Energy Experts at (617) 933-9094 or get in touch here